Six random facts about me

So in order for people to know me a bit better here are some facts about me which will probably also help tie into the things I’m going to be posting.


1. I studied Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at Cheltenham University passing with a 2:1. It wasn’t really what I went to uni for but I enjoyed the subject so dropped my joint studies to concentrate solely on that. I count it as one of my best achievements. I loved it, mainly due to the SU bar where I spent my time drinking Snakebites and having such philosophical discussion as creating a robot monkey army and singing badly to rock songs.

2. I’m currently writing a novel. I started it in uni as part of a writing module I took on writing a novel where I had to write the first chapter of my intended novel. Adapting a short story that I wrote in college that I was partially pleased with I wrote chapter one, thought it really had potential and then sat on it for the next couple of years. On becoming single and therefore lonely I decided I now had time to continue it. As of the time of writing I have written eleven chapters. The novel by the way is about a crossdresser whose alter ego starts to take over which leads them into trouble with a local criminal. The theme I’m aiming for is one of identity.

3. I want to say I’m a racing driver but I’m not. But at the moment I’m looking into it. There are many various paths so I’m not sure. At the moment I’m looking a MX-5 racing and should be going to Donnington soon to watch and hopefully talk to some of the drivers. I have a couple of cars lined up and it’s just a question of money and sorting out all the ins and outs. Hopefully it will all work out so it can be another subject I can blog about.


4. I’ve have however been a Paranormal Investigator. It was a hobby of mine a few years ago and in that time I probably investigated about twenty or more different locations over forty investigations. Sadly the team I was with broke up but I’m hoping that I might get chance to go on a few more investigations again in the future.

5. I’m possibly Trans, or Gender Fluid or something or not. I’m not sure. It’s something about myself that I’m exploring. Either way I’m probably going to talk about things of that nature on here. If that’s something that offends you then I suggest you stay out from the areas that deal with it. You’re welcome to read anything else I post.


6. I’m a massive Doctor Who fan. Have been for years and it’s important because it’s going to come up a lot of times on here. I even wrote my dissertation in Uni on Doctor Who as a modern-day religion.

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