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Recently on a forum a question was asked about religion. More specifically how do you feel about other religions? With many people stating which religion they followed. My answer included the fact that I’m a Wiccan Jedi. Which raised some interest. It’s not the first time I’ve mentioned it. It says it in the about me part of this blog and I was engaged in a very interesting conversation one night in the SU bar at uni with another student. I had also started to write a blog post about being a Wiccan Jedi to explain my beliefs but then I found myself struggling. You see I do like the Jedi religion. I’ve spent a great time studying it and would have explored it further had I gone on to do my Masters degree.
And I do believe that it should be considered a real religion in a way. Forget the films and the ideas of light sabres. For most being a Jedi is leading a life seeking knowledge, something I love doing anyway. It also teaches how to be at peace with yourself and to be a good person. But then does someone really need to follow a ‘religion’ in order to accomplish those things. You see there is nothing in my being a Jedi that requires any dedication and as shown by the blogs on role models our morals and values can come from various sources. One of my tutors at University, Dave Webster wrote the book Dispirited. In which he claims that being using Spiritual to define your belief system is basically lazy as you pick out the bits you like and leave out those that you don’t. Therefore there is no inner debate or theorisation within yourself on ‘ethical’ issues relating to said beliefs. And I began to think that really this is what I was doing with the Jedi religion. (Let me be straight here, I don’t think this is a flaw with Jedi religion just with me personally.) While there is nothing I leave out of being a Jedi it seems to be that I like the ideas contained within in and so call myself a Jedi.

The same could be said for the Wicca part. I don’t cast spells (although I have in the past) or follow any deity. For me it is because it is connected to nature and I like nature. But there is something I feel that connects the two religions which is why if I had done my Master’s my dissertation would have made the case for Jedism being a pagan religion because both religions indicate a belief in a force. Sure in the films Obi Wan explains how the force is a energy that surrounds and penetrates everything around us and some of those, myself included, believe that there is actually a force out there. For me I think that it is a natural energy force that at times we can feel and I believe that when we die our energy become part of this universal force. There is a similar type of force in Wicca called the All or the One. I also think that this force is part of what we think of as karma, In Chinese cultures it is known as QI or Chi and for those that follow the Law of Attraction the universal energy. Given that George Lucus when writing Star Wars took inspiration from many religious sources this is likely where the ideas came from.


So yeah my main belief allowing me to claim to be Wicca or Jedi is this belief in this force. That’s it, everything else that is Jedi or Wiccan such as meditation, Do no harm to others, to seek knowledge is just part of who I am and like Geroge Lucus’s Jedi’s and his force it all comes from various sources that I have fused together to try and be the person I want to. There is nothing I do to go out of my way to practiced or debate any ethical issues. I believe in something that hasn’t been proven but I don’t really go around telling people about it.
So why is my beliefs been playing on my mind recently. Well there is the girl I like (see blog post Trapped.) She has recently become a Christian. Wasn’t before, is now. I have no problem with that, I’m all for people finding their own way in life and even if I have taken the mickey out of Christianity before now I still respect peoples beliefs. And to be fair this girl is not going around ramming it down people’s throats. She’s not frowning on people doing things that might go against her beliefs but she does follow them. She goes out and does things related to being a Christian. You know the type of thing. A stall at a public event, that sort of thing. She has a dedication to her religion.
Now I don’t think I’m going to become a Christian myself, it’s not really my thing. I mean if I can’t really dedicate myself to the religions I am drawn to what chance is there for one that I’m not. But would I, if put in the situation, go out and help on one of this stalls. Well the answer is yes. Not because of any belief and not just because I’ll want to impress this girl. (all right it would be a big part of the reason I would but come on whose going to blame me) but because I’m the kind of person that would help out if asked. I feel like it’s my duty on this planet to help others and while my head might hold the idea it’s because I’m a Jedi really deep down I think I’m just, for the most part, a nice person and I don’t need a religion to be that person.
So that’s my belief. That there is some kind of force out there, somewhere where we go when we die and, something that we can ask for help, or for guidance or even for the girl. Time maybe for me to go meditate or chant and focus on what I want. Or at the very least stand by those things I do believe in and make sure I’m the best person I can be. And while I’m about it may be ask the universe for people to have a bit of tolerance for those who believe something different.


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