About me

My name is Alex. I’ve just been shot and that bullet has taken me back to 1981. I may be…. No wait, hang on, wrong intro.

Ok my name is Alex. (Well it’s not, it’s a fake name that I’m using for this blog because for various reasons I don’t want to use my real one) For a long time I have wanted to do a YouTube channel. There is a few I follow and love how those people have the confidence to do them. I don’t have that confidence. Then a friend of mine showed me their blog and my problem was solved. I love to write. There are a number of things I want to say and the written word is the ideal tool for me to do so. Reviews of things I like, ideas that I have bouncing around in my head, just sharing things that I do. I have some social issues and am trying to get out and live life more so hopefully this blog will give me the kick up the ass to get out and do things.

Most of the reviews I’ll write will be on shows that I like. The ideas I have in my head are likely to be philosophical things based around popular culture. Over the years I have had some problems with depression and anxiety. But I have also read many books of life coaching, self-help and other life style type books including psychological and philosophical. I plan to write some blogs on those themes which will hopefully be interesting. I’m also what I call a Wiccan Jedi with an interest in tarot and other ‘spiritual’ aspects. Either way this blog is a chance for me to express myself, practise my writing and to generally reflect on things in my life.

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